The Avenir approach

Your business perspective first, allied with our technology

Avenir approaches its financial market infrastructure products from a business point of view first and foremost. Our technology solutions come only after understanding your business perspective.

Avenir’s people specialise in, and have built and run multiple exchanges, clearing houses and CSDs. We know how to keep them operating, what to watch out for.

Our straightforward approach recognises every country and market is different. We embrace these differences, customise our products for each market’s specific needs (including offering multiple languages) and work hand-in-hand with our clients to build and manage fast, secure and easy-to-use systems.

Our working methodology is agile and we test, extensively, to ensure our products are fit for your purpose before we go fully live.

Knowledge sharing

Our expertise – before, during and after technology installation

We believe in sharing our learnings over and above our software technologies.

We support you before, during and after our technology is installed and operating, rolling up our sleeves to help you build robust systems for the good of your customers and yourselves.

We don’t helicopter in our expertise as consultants – we work beside you as an integrated part of the complete package that Avenir Technology offers.


Simple dashboards, clear information, flagged actions

Avenir Technology systems do not need user manuals as all information is clearly presented.

Processing options are simple to understand.

Your dashboard is updated in real time and all important information, and tasks requiring action, are flagged to a user, letting them know what needs to be done.

Cloud, or your own server?

Your choice of where you host your platform

Want your Avenir system to operate in the cloud – no problem.

Want your clearing house technology to sit on your own server – easily done.

Avenir Technology works with you and your own preference to build solid, dependable systems.

Our job it is to make sure that happens, however you want it to happen.

Device agnostic

Accessible on the screen-type of your choice

Your Avenir Technology solutions can be accessed by any modern mobile device, as well as through a computer browser.

This mobile device view-of-transactions is not a cut down computer version – full functionality is identical whether from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Open Source

Open technologies free you from proprietary software

Our use of open source software enables us to provide post-trade platforms faster and at better value than proprietary systems.

As a complete package based on open technologies, there’s a freedom for clients through not being tied to third party contracts and cost.

We also support all industry standard protocols including FIX, ISO 15022, and others which help provide for easy connectivity to exchanges, brokers, central banks and other participants.  This also helps your infrastructure better meet CPMI-IOSCO PFMIs.


A bank-like protection of your data

We are serious about security; meeting the highest standards for keeping data protected.

Access to your system is strictly controlled through passwords, pass-phrases and features such as two factor authentication, LDAP and Captcha.